We only sell
what we grow

From its initial venture into aquaculture in 1991, today BMR Group’s hatcheries are spread across 11 hatcheries, with a production of 3 billion seeds per year. The Group has been awarded the Best Hatchery in India by the Govt. of India and the MPEDA for 2014.

BMR hatcheries are spread across the villages of Nellore and Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Imported brood stock, on site labs and compliance with the industry’s highest quality standards like BAP 3 star certification, ensure BMR’s hatcheries are the finest in India.

View of the hatchery

Larvae receiving tank

Brood stock

Post larvae

Close up of post larvae stage


Sourcing Brood Stock

BMR Group has exclusive licenses to import good quality, healthy brood stock from SIS - Florida, SIS - Singapore, OI - Hawaii and Global Gen - Indonesia to produce disease free seeds. Their Brood stock is imported and certified by CAA and MPEDA.


Bio Security

Stringent Bio security measures are implemented to ensure that there is no contamination

Water sources are routinely tested for contamination
Mesh covers for tanks
Secured doors
Sterile water purification systems


On Site Lab

All our hatcheries are equipped with on site PCR labs staffed by highly qualified technicians. Extensive testing is carried out for contamination of feed, pathogens, antibiotics, water quality, MBV and more.

Hatchery Locations

Future Plans


On site feeding mill

Set up On-site feed mills at every farm to efficiently provide safe, wholesome, nutritious & cost effective feed. This will also ensure 4 star BAP certification for the company.


Low cost nutritious feed meal

Develop low cost, high protein, specially formulated feed for under $1, translating the low cost of input into higher returns for farmers.


Additional Hatcheries

Develop broodstock in India by importing shrimp fry and growing it to brood stock size in top quality broodstock centres.


Support farming community

Develop contract farmers. Supply good quality seed, feed, technology and offer buy back options, so the farmer remains secure.


Expansion of farming

Aim to Bring 1000 hectares under farming therefore resulting in increased production and exports.