Quality that's unmatched

Our shrimp processing facility is located at Damavaram, Nellore in Andhra Pradesh in South India. Set on a sprawling 50 acres, it produces an output of 2,90,000 metrics tonnes of the finest quality shrimp, boasts of India’s largest Feed mill and complies with the industry’s highest quality certifications.

View of the factory

State of the art processing plant at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Headon washing

Head on shrimp washing


De-heading of shrimp

Headless grading

Headless shrimp grading machine


Peeling of shrimp by hand

Peeling Area

View of peeling area at the factory

IQF machine

Product in IQF Machine


Product being glazed before packing

Finished product outfeed

Finished IQF product being collected at the outfeed


Sterile and careful packing of product in their packs

Metal Screening

Metal screening of product

Quality Check

Stringent quality checks


Temperature controlled warehousing


Shipment in insulated temperature controlled containers

Future Plans


On site feeding mill

Set up On-site feed mills at every farm to efficiently provide safe, wholesome, nutritious & cost effective feed. This will also ensure 4 star BAP certification for the company.


Low cost nutritious feed meal

Develop low cost, high protein, specially formulated feed for under $1, translating the low cost of input into higher returns for farmers.


Additional Hatcheries

Develop broodstock in India by importing shrimp fry and growing it to brood stock size in top quality broodstock centres.


Support farming community

Develop contract farmers. Supply good quality seed, feed, technology and offer buy back options, so the farmer remains secure.


Expansion of farming

Aim to Bring 1000 hectares under farming therefore resulting in increased production and exports.