Feed Plant

From humble beginnings in 1991, BMR group has grown to be industry leaders in the shrimp farming, feed and export sector. Under the able leadership of its chairman, Dr. B. Masthanrao, the group has been credited as the pioneers of L.Vannamei cultivation in India. over 25 years the BMR group has grown to an industry conglomerate with 250 hectares of hatcheries, 600 hectares of farming, on site labs and feed mills, a state-of- the-art factory covering 50,000 sq. ft. in Damavaram, Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, with a capacity of 250 metric tons per day and compliance with industry specific standards like bap, iso,eia ,caa,mpeda, etc. bmr group has many awards and accolades to its name in India from the ministry of commerce, govt. of India & MPEDAetc. Laudedfor introducing the L.Vannamei species to the Indian subcontinent, the group utilizes its certified seed and premium feed to produce shrimp that is acclaimed for its exceptional color and flavor. BMR group is also known for its commendable support and development to shrimp farmers.First Aquaculture Feed Plant with Buhler Technology.

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Why to Feed Shrimp With BMR Harvest Gold Feed?

We deliver cost-effective and outstanding shrimp feeds all throughout the nation, for a sustainable production of healthy and delicious shrimps. With our best quality imported vitamin and mineral premixes, we provide innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. Here are some of the benefits of using BMR feeds:

  • Fast consumption, Better attractable, Better performance
  • Low FCR, Better water quality, Cost-effectiveness of Using feed
  • Individualised training for children with learning disabilities
  • Low dust level improves water quality
  • Good water durability, Better water quality
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Enriched Amino acid profile
  • Best Quality imported vitamin and mineral Premixes
  • Highly Digestible Natural Binders
  • Good Attractants
  • Digestible protein
  • Excellent sources of cholesterol through usage of Quality Raw material
  • World Best Quality Buhler Machinery, Minimize nutrient loss
  • Better grinding improve the water durability and homogeneity
  • Better mixing improves the homogeneity
  • Minerals improve the metabolic function and activate the body
  • Vitamins avoid stress and promote the growth
  • Digestible protein minimize the toxicity of ammonia and improves growth
  • Phospholipids improves the growth and low FCR
  • Minimized leaching and optimized nutrients


Shrimps are easily exposed to emaciation and sickness, our shrimp feed ensures good nutrition and produces a stronger and more robust shrimps. With the productivity of beneficial shrimp feeds, we are ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of a more sustainable food production.

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  • The BMR Group, whose Chairman Dr. Beeda Masthan Rao introduced Panaeus vannamei to India in 2003.
  • Our Chairman sri.BMR garu was named as a Father of Vannamei in India.
  • BMR Group is India's first vertically integrated farmed shrimp producer to earn four star certification against the Global Aquaculture Alliances Best Aquaculture practise program.
  • In one year period Feed Plant implemented and got BAP,ISO,EIA,CAA,MPEDA certifications for our quality products.
  • We are reaching Feed Sales nearly 50,000MT in 2007.
  • Our Chairman Sri Beeda Masthan Rao recieved award INDIAN LEADER AWARD OF THE YEAR 2017(Aquaculture) in from Ministry of Commerce Government of India.
  • BMR shrimp farm becomes first in India with ASC Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification.



  • Quality Nutrition will give fastest growth in lesser days of culture